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Lynsi Eastburn

Lynsi Eastburn is a registered psychotherapist, NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Regis University with degrees in English and Psychology, and is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu (the Honor Society of Jesuit Colleges and Universities). Lynsi is a lifelong learner and continues to enjoy the study of Neuro-Psychology. She runs a full-time private practice and a National Guild of Hypnotists hypnosis training school with her husband, Drake. She is co-owner and instructor of the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis and Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center in Colorado, founder of the HypnoFertility Foundation, and is a faculty member of several hypnosis organizations. Lynsi has been featured nationally on Lifetime Television Network, ABC and CBS News, on national and international radio programs including KOSI After Dark, and has been a guest on Toronto’s Breakfast Television and Canada’s At Home morning show. Some of her print media interviews include the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Magazine, and Conceive Magazine.

Lynsi is the creator of HypnoFertility®—a program based on clinical experience gleaned from tens of thousands of clinical hours in her Colorado private practice and training school—and she has taught her methods internationally. She formed the non-profit corporation The HypnoFertility Foundation, Inc. in 2007, a natural extension of HypnoFertility® and the Eastburn Center and Institute. Lynsi was the recipient of the 2005 Hypnosis Research Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Education & Literature Award from the HypnoBirthing Institute for her groundbreaking work in the hypnosis for fertility field. Lynsi is the author of It’s Conceivable!—Hypnosis for Fertility, an unprecedented book chronicling various success stories of her private clients. A new edition of It’s Conceivable! is in the works. Lynsi's follow-up book, The 3 Keys to Conception, was released in February 2013. Lynsi is president of the Denver NGH chapter meeting. She is a dynamic presenter and highly sought-after motivational speaker. Lynsi has presented HypnoFertility® informational seminars at UCLA, Ryerson University in Toronto, Regis University, Colorado Free University, ACC, Resolve, the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, the HypnoBirthing Conclave, and more. She regularly speaks at fertility/pregnancy/birth support groups, practitioner meetings, and chapters. Lynsi is adjunct faculty of the National Guild of Hypnotists' Annual Convention/Summer Institute and has twice (2008 & 2013) been honored with the invitation to be one of 10 top presenters at the NGH Solid Gold conference in Las Vegas.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Lynsi currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Drake, son, Dylan, and two dogs, Boo Radley and Scout (of To Kill a Mockingbird fame!). Her older son, Kelly, lives in Toronto.

Lynsi works with clients locally in her Denver-area office and worldwide via telephone and Skype. She works with clients and all fertility clinics in various capacities, and holds a particularly symbiotic relationship with Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado. Lynsi and her Maya Abdominal Massage and Herbalist colleague, Shelley Torgrove of Artemesia & Rue, hold regular meetings with the 12 top complementary fertility/pregnancy/birth practitioners in Colorado.

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